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Deliciouly funny to some and eerily presicient to others, The Fly walks a fine line between shlocky fun and unnerving nature parable. Helene stands beside a huge metal press, which has crushed the head and arm of her husband. Held for murder, the near-catatonic Helene refuses to tell anyone--not even Andre's brother Francois Vincent Price --why she did it.

A fly

LinnaeusA fly A fly plural: Their most obvious distinction from other insects is in their flight. A typical fly has two flight wings on its thorax and a pair of halteres.

The halteres, which evolved from the hind wings, act as flight sensors: Also flies have large eyes with excellent wide-angle vision. With the help of their eyes and halteres, flies are exceptional fliers. They can avoid most predatorsand are the most difficult insects to capture by hand. Their jinks, dives and turns to avoid their predators is their main adaptation.


It's like putting a newborn baby in the cockpit of a fighter aircraft and it knowing what to do". In contrast to the flies, the Strepsiptera evolved their halteres from their front wings and their flight wings are their rear wings. The presence of a single pair of wings distinguishes true flies from other insects with "fly" in their name, such as mayfliesdragonfliesdamselfliesstoneflieswhitefliesfirefliessawfliescaddisfliesbutterflies or scorpionflies.

Some true flies have become secondarily wingless, including some that live in social insect colonies. Flies are also holometabolouswith complete metamorphosis.

Kinds of flies[ change change source ] There are an estimated 1, species, although only aboutspecies have been described. There are many different kinds of flies. Scientists have named 85, kinds species.

A fly

Houseflies are grey or black and can be found wherever people are. Horse flies and deer flies can bite people and animals.

Fruit flies can be found near fruit that is too ripe. Hoverflies look like small waspsbut they have no sting.

A fly

Some flies do not have the word fly in their name, so people may not know they are flies. Mosquitoes are flies that bite people and can carry diseasessuch as malaria. Midges are small flie, a bit like like mosquitoes, but not all midges bite.

Gnats are small flies that sometimes are in big groups called swarms. Some insects have the word fly in their names, but they are not flies at all.

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Fireflies are a kind of beetle that can make light. Dragonflies and damselflies are from the order Odonata and are not real flies. Butterflies are not flies.fly definition: 1. When a bird, insect, or aircraft flies, it moves through the air: 2. to travel by aircraft, or to go somewhere or cross something in an aircraft: 3.

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