Discovering the value of your personali

And would you be happier if you could only discover it? The answer actually may be no. In everyday life different situations call for us to present different facets of ourselves, not false selves but flexible responses to the present situation. If we can be true to our core values, we have a compass to guide us through life, and will never stray far from who we really are.

Discovering the value of your personali

The diabetes data will be translated into Resource Descrip- tion Framework RDF language to increase the capability of detecting problems and automate the interpretation process. In this way, we reduce the semantic gab between existing data and interpretation that followed by healthcare providers.

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This will ensure patient safety and improve the quality of care 4. Tracking patient and retrieve semantic information will improve care provided, support decision making and en- hance disease management.

In most of the cases, the problem with chronic disease such as diabetes, heart condition or asthma etc. Also, to determine and understand the risk level which could be useful to prevent or delay the complica- tions. The rest of the study is organized as following: Section 2 presents related work of relative ontologies.

Section 3 de- scribes ontology development process. Finally, section 5 concludes the study. We need a formal representation of diabetes terminology, vocabulary and relationships to dis- cover and extract, share, retrieve and reuse knowledge. Last years, there are a lot of attempts to build ontology in the chronic disease domain.

It is better to update the ontology automatically rather than add the information manually which could cause duplication or loose the current knowledge. As mentioned by Verma et al.

Frequent update and expand of the ontology become a requirement to achieve goal of building such ontology with highest accuracy 3. In attempt to control the glucose level, the ontology that de- veloped by Chalortham et al.

It was work with the reminder system to suggest activates, thus reduce the progress of the diabetes complications such as retinopathy and foot diabetes.

Discovering the value of your personali

The result of Cantais et al. Furthermore, Lasierra et al. Finally a plan- ning and execution tasks are performed to select appropriate action to the patient. In the third stage, the model will be ready to monitor any patient. The data will be presented by Lasierra et al.

Keep glu- cose in the normal level, the diabetes patient, the ontology presented by Pramono et al. More improve- ment could be applied by gathering more data such food in- take so the system will be more accurate in propose the phys- ical activity.

The ontology could be used to provide informa- tion with high precision and recall rate for diabetes patients for education purpose. Although there is health information available through the Internet, there is a risk to retrieve low quality information.

The main challenge was face such on- tology is it should be updated and provide knowledge that meet the patients need Case-based reasoning CBR is a technology used by Jha et al. The similar cases will be retrieved to provide a solution of current problem.

If there is no match between the new case and cases stored in the database, the quires will be applied to the diabetes ontology to provide support.

It is contain all terms and relationships as base knowledge, aid the extraction of helpful information to use in ADE system. By this way, the medical error will be decrease, on the other hand, the quality and safety of the patients will be increased.

Moreover, the ontology that pre- sented by Liaw et al.

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Ensuring the quality of the data in terms of completeness, correctness etc. In addition, such ontology will enhance the quality of data that collected in the hospital information system HISconsequently any ontology aim to use HIS data will ensure a high quality inputs.

Adapt Boulos et al. We will develop ontology for adult diabetes patient in Saudi Arabia to predict patient that have average of risk level with certain complication. None of the previous studied talked about ontology for further discovering of diabetes complications. The ontology developed to conceptualize the concept, re- lations and properties.Sersale (cz) Sersale is an Italian municipality of 4 inhabitants in the province of Catanzaro, in Calabria.

The Regional Natural Reserve of the Cupe Valleys with its canyons, monoliths, centuries-old trees and the cascades of the Campanaro and Crocchio rivers is of considerable hiking and landscape value. Welcome to Discover Your Values! Discover Your Values is designed to help you discover your values and what it looks like to live them.

Over the next pages, you’ll find out what values are, why they’re important, a list of key values . Find out what your core values are and how you can use them to make better choices in your personal and professional life Your Core Values Test Exercise adapted after Peter Senge (MIT) and Robert Dilts (one of the developers of the NLP).

OVERVIEW: This guide provides detailed step-by-step instructions on how to discover your personal core values and to use personal values in meaningful ways. As a business coach, I appreciate the power of values.

Discovering the value of your personali

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