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These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image caption Lime scooters are available in lots of cities, including Paris Ride-hailing business Uber has announced a deal with scooter hire company Lime. Lime lets people hire scooters, electric bikes and pedal cycles in 46 cities. The deal means Uber users will be able to rent Lime's scooters via the car-sharing company's app. Pedal power In a blog announcing the linkLime founder Toby Sun said Uber had made a "sizable investment".

Lime business plan

Does My Lawn Need Lime? There are several homemade ways of testing soilbut the most reliable and accurate method is through your county extension or land-services office. If the university system in your state has an agricultural lab, you can often get the tests from there, as well as garden centers.

You can also do the test online and through the mail by sending in a sample to determine if you need lime for your lawn. Testing services will usually send you the results directly. An authentic soil test will give you better confidence in your results, as well as give you more power to cultivate the perfect, lush, green lawn you envision.

Lawn grasses in states that have cold winters generally do well with a soil PH level of about 6. A good soil test also tells you levels of calcium and magnesium. This information will better guide you to either the most popular dolomitic lime that contains magnesium, or the more calcium-rich calcitic lime.

Too much lime is definitely possible, which is why an accurate, inexpensive soil test provides an excellent guide. The results will tell you how much lime to apply and your best insurance against unintentional damage. Many insist fall is the best time to lime lawns because it gives the lime the longest time to work into the soil before the growing season.

Experts agree that you can spread lime anytime, but it is ideal during the Spring and Fall seasons and during the morning or evening hours. You may also wonder if you can put down lime and fertilizer together. So be careful if you are looking to apply lime and fertilizer at the same time.

The planting authorities say the ideal temperature for planting grass seed is 65 to 70 degrees F. Quantities of lime for lawns are normally expressed in a number of pounds per 1, square feet one acre is 43, square feet. For example, a hypothetical-yet-typical application might be 40 pounds of pelletized limestone per 1, square feet of grass area you want to treat.

The pH number revealed by your soil test serves as an excellent guide for gauging how much lime your lawn needs.

You can also call an expert here at Baker Lime to help interpret the soil-test numbers and order the correct amount of lime for your yard size.

The lime normally comes in or pound bags. Opinions on how often to apply it range from every few months or annually to once every three or five years.

So much of when to lime your lawn depends on your individual situation. For example, lime will drain through a sandy soiled lawn and require a more frequent application than a yard with stickier, clay-based soil. You can consider improving the texture of soil by introducing organic matter such as aged manure, finished compost or chopped pine bark.

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These things can aid the lime in doing its job and work it into the soil faster. How to Apply Lime How to apply or spread lime depends on the size and texture you choose. Most seem to agree that the powdered form of lime is harder to handle but can be applied with something as simple as a coffee can.

lime business plan

A rotary-type spreader probably gives the best and most consistent application without much clogging or clumping. Some people say a drop-style spreader is less than ideal, but plenty of others make them work.

How you apply the lime depends largely on what form of lime you buy and how much grass you have to cover. People commonly use all types of spreaders, home-rigged tools, buckets, cans or sifters to get the lime onto the lawn.

You may own a tool or be able to rig a tool that will do the job, but you can also check into renting the right equipment to apply lime or hire a contractor to do it.© Flow. C&W Communications Plc.

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Let us help you with social media, virtual assistance and corporate events! Ride-hailing business Uber has announced a deal with scooter hire company Lime.

Lime lets people hire scooters, electric bikes and pedal cycles in 46 cities.

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