Objective of a term paper

The Research paper outline generally follows the following parts: The researcher may forego the cover page of the research paper unless otherwise indicated by the Adviser or Teacher. One can safely say that the Abstract is the sum total of the material.

Objective of a term paper

Also outlined are some measures that should be in place in the shorter term so that the foundations can be laid for the long journey towards that ultimate objective.

Objective of a term paper

Hopefully the Malaysian who is born today and in the years to come will be the last generation of our citizens who will be living in a country that is called 'developing'. The ultimate objective that we should aim for is a Malaysia that is a fully developed country by the year What, you might rightly ask, is 'a fully developed country'?

Do we want to be like any particular country of the present 19 countries that are generally regarded as 'developed countries'? To be sure, each of the 19, out of a world community of more than states, has its strengths. But each also has its fair share of weaknesses.

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Without being a duplicate of any of them we can still be developed. We should be a developed country in our own mould. Malaysia should not be developed only in the economic sense. It must be a nation that is fully developed along all the dimensions: We must be fully developed in terms of national unity and social cohesion, in terms of our economy, in terms of social justice, political stability, system of government, quality of life, social and spiritual values, national pride and confidence.Objective General English is one of most popular book for preparing the english section in various competitive exams.

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Objective of a term paper

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