Opinion article analysis

IP Bajpai Wednesday, November 21, In Madhya Pradesh, Chief Minister Shivraj Chouhan is campaigning as if his life depends on it, but his party seems more sanguine - Prime Minister Narendra Modi is only speaking 11 times in the state compared to 21 addresses in the recent election in Karnataka and a desperate 34 in Gujarat.

Opinion article analysis

You must do this analysis by answering the specific questions listed. Keep your answers as brief as possible using an "outline" style rather than an elaborate writing style whenever possible. Criteria for Article Selection The articles reviewed for this assignment must report the results of someone's research in an area of social research.

The research should have been carried out by the author s. The article must be directed at a scholarly audience. Your review must be on an article reporting structured research, that is, one with variables, statistical analyses, relationships among variables, etc.

The article may be about any social science topic you choose. Check with me if you have any doubts about your topic. Research in sociology, political science, psychology, education, or social work are fine. But remember you need research articles; not all articles in any field are research articles.

The following types of articles may NOT be used: Purely theoretical papers which discuss concepts and propositions, but report no empirical research; Statistical or methodological papers where data may be analyzed but the bulk of the work is on the refinement of some new measurement, statistical or modelling technique; Review articles, which summarize the research of many different past researchers, but report no original research by the author; Popularizations or abridged reports, commonly found in popular newsstand magazines such as Psychology Today or books of readings designed for use by undergraduates; Extremely short reports with less than four pages devoted to methods and findings.

Most research reports begin with sections on theory and reviews of others' research, so skim the whole article or read the abstract, if there is one, to determine whether the author reports actual research he or she has done.

Sociology, as is true of all scientific fields, is becoming increasingly complex in its statistical analyses. I therefore strongly suggest that you use articles no more recent than the 's. A working rule is: All articles must receive my OK.

No two students may review the same article.

Opinion article analysis

It is OK to use articles you have to read for another class, if they meet all of the above criteria, but you may not use the articles in Golden. Where and How to Find an Article You must use scholarly articles for this assignment; these are found in professional journals, not general circulation magazines.

The University of Wisconsin subscribes to a large number of such journals,in both physical and electronic form.


Recent issues of most of the physical journals are kept in the periodicals room of Memorial Library.Opinion: Woodward's book raises a Trump dilemma But here's the thing: This is a tweet about how the Trump Tower meeting was totally fine - nothing illegal to see here.

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Opinion article analysis

Get articles, analysis and opinions of today's business news from our 14 Wall Street headquarters. NDTV opinion features opinion articles, analysis, discussion on politics, government, economy, current affair, social issues by top columnists in India.

He Pleaded Against Gun Violence. Bullets Silenced Him.

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Delmonte Johnson’s death in a drive-by shooting is a far too common way for young Americans to die. Mar 21,  · Edit Article How to Write a Critical Analysis.

Four Parts: Conducting a Critical Reading Writing an Effective Analysis Organizing the Review Sample Analyses Community Q&A A critical analysis examines an article or other work to determine how effective the piece is at making an argument or point%(89).

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