Stakeholder dynamics

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Stakeholder dynamics

However, is a socially responsible firm fulfilling its objectives if current and potential stakeholders perceive it to be unethical, engaging in poor and questionable practices?

The article analyzes Big Data retrieved from Twitter related to five firms that have stated to be socially responsible but have yet to obtain stakeholders' legitimacy granted by the engagement in corporate social responsibility.

Stakeholder dynamics

The article contributes to the understanding and effects of firm dynamics in corporate social responsibility or lack thereof, on social networking sites by means of Big Data analysis. Article Preview Introduction It has become clear that both firms and stakeholders have increased their interest in the effects of their actions on the environment and society.

There is a vast amount of organizations around the world that have taken the ideals of social accountability to action by engaging in corporate social responsibility CSR. Stakeholders have gradually become more aware of the existence of CSR and more knowledgeable of the implications of social responsibility.

Furthermore, because stakeholders grant CSR a certain degree of importance, they are more inclined to exhort organizations to fulfill their objectives and strategies in the utmost responsible way, to be accountable for their actions, in other words, to do the right thing.

Therefore, today, a great deal of CSR related practices is also communicated through social media and widely discussed on social networking sites SNSs.

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These sites connect people with same interests Mejias, and may also connect those with contrasting interests. It used to be that people would use SNSs to socialize with others with similar profiles, objectives, ideals, values and beliefs; however, the increasing scope of networks has led to greater diversity and, in turn, controversy.

For instance, Twitter has over three hundred million active users each month Twitter,and is, therefore, one of the most used SNSs worldwide. This means that the communication of CSR policies, practices and results, or lack thereof, may be potentiated via platforms such as Twitter.

And, since word-of-mouth WOM on SNSs, like Twitter, is unlimited Stauss, and mostly unrestricted, this practice fixes the limited reach problem of traditional means of communication; however, it does not come without its downside. The same massive audience that may appreciate the positive communication occurring between firms and stakeholders may also witness negative communication occurring among stakeholders and, stakeholders and firms.

In order to do so, content analysis has been implemented to evaluate Big Data retrieved via Twitter related to five different large firms. The paper is sectioned as follows:Rare Disease Stakeholder Dynamics Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Stakeholder dynamics

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Stakeholder theory and dynamics in supply chain collaboration Henry C. Co and Frank Barro Technology and Operations Management Department, California Polytechnic and State University, Pomona, California, USA.

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Stakeholder Engagement using Microsoft Dynamics xRM. Welcome. 2 • Stakeholder engagement challenges for energy organizations • Landowner relations solution using Microsoft Dynamics: Release 1 • Stakeholder engagement solution using Microsoft Dynamics: Release 2 • .

Stakeholders Stakeholders are an individual or group which is affected by a business, and has an interest in its success or failure and can be either an internal stakeholders i.e. employees, suppliers, managers; or external stakeholders i.e.

customers, local community, trade unions. The dynamics that affect a VPA process in a timber-exporting country reflect the national political context, the priorities of stakeholders, and relations within and among groups of stakeholders.

Relations within and among stakeholder groups.

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