The business impact of hr legislation

The Nature of the worker HR challenge: Whatever the cause, the result is a waste of the talent that companies maintain is so difficult to find.

The business impact of hr legislation

HR Management policies are made accessible to employees. When selecting methods to communicate policies consider: Will employees be able to easily access electronic copies or will they need hard copies? What concerns and issues are likely to be raised about the policy and how will they be dealt with?

If concerns are likely to be significant an initial face to face communication through an information session or manager communication will be a more effective approach than an email.

Does the policy provide enough information for managers and staff to be able to effectively implement and comply with the policy or will they need training or additional information?

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The methods below are often used in combination to develop a strategy to ensure employees are aware of, understand and have the skills to implement and comply with the policies that underpin how they work. The handbook may also contain general information about the organization such as its priorities, the organization chart, the job classifications, whether positions are covered by a collective agreement and bargaining status for all groups of employees.

You may have separate handbooks for managers and staff or you may have one handbook that applies to both groups. Of course, this is dependent on your employees having received and understood the policies contained within the handbook so it is often a good idea to ask employees to sign a statement confirming this.

Benefits of having an employee handbook include: For the handbook to serve as valid documentation, it must be updated as policies are updated and changed. For this reason it is often a good idea to designate someone with this responsibility. Often a handbook will be written in a less formal style and include only summaries of each policy.

Since the policies and procedures and content of the handbook may change from time to time, include a statement that the employer has the right, in its sole discretion, to add, amend, or delete any policy or procedure it its handbook.

Sample Employee Handbook DOC KB Geared towards small organizations, this employee handbook covers time away from work, harassment, confidentiality, performance appraisals and more.

Overview of the role

The handbook is ideally suited as a starting point for organizations without formal HR policies and procedures, or as a reference for those who are updating existing policies.

Personnel policy and procedures manuals A manual includes more detailed collections of policy, procedures and guides, and is often used as a management tool for supervisory staff. Again, it is important that the manual is kept up to date with the most recent versions of the policies.

Intranet and shared Drives Organizations can make their policies available to employees electronically either on an intranet or on shared drives. This is advantageous as employees can access the policy directly and old versions can easily be removed and replaced with updated versions.

E-mail Staff can easily be made aware of a new policy by e-mail. If providing a copy of the policy with the e-mail it is often better to provide the link to where the employee can access the policy rather than the actual policy so that it is always the most recent version of the policy being accessed.

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Information sessions Holding an information session is a good way to ensure that employees understand a new policy and have the opportunity to ask questions. It is particularly useful when concerns may be significant.

In the session cover the following: Business decisions that led to the development of the policy Goal of the policy Process taken in developing the policy e.

Policy training sessions Some provinces have legislation where employers are required to train employees on certain policies. Additionally, training sessions for managers are a good option for policies that are complicated or have extensive procedures, such as disciplinary, dispute resolutions and health and safety.

The business impact of hr legislation

When developing a policy training session include the same topics as you would for the information session plus the following: Training on the specific skills that are needed to implement the policy Specific procedures, guidance and resources available to managers and employees to help them implement the policy Clear expectations of behavior How the policy will monitored Any specific training requirements of the legislation if the training session is required Statements of understanding For important policies and possibly the employee handbook, you may want to have each employee sign a statement acknowledging that they have read, understand, and agree to abide by the policy.

If you do this, you must have a plan for consistently ensuring that all current and new employees receive a policy orientation and sign a statement and that they do this every time there are significant updates to the policy. This approach is particularly recommended where contravening the policy could result in harm to the employee e.

Statement of Understanding Ongoing communication Your policies will underpin how much of your work is done.Within the world of business there are so many areas impacted by employment legislation, and as a business owner, it’s your responsibility to run your business adhering to these.

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Companies must navigate the choppy waters of a complex global economy, and position themselves to attract and retain the workers they will need on this journey.

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