Using the wrong word when writing a resume

How do you know your PDF file is okay? Try to highlight, copy, and paste the text. Feel like there's just too much to keep in mind when writing your resume? We've got you covered.

Using the wrong word when writing a resume

Because of this, they are often looking for any reason to eliminate a candidate. While resume writing is a creative process that allows writers to "break the rules" when appropriate, some rules should not be broken.

These are the rules pertaining to typos, misspelled words, grammatical errors, and consistency. For example, some broken grammatical rules are acceptable, such as the use of sentence fragments to make the writing crisp.

But if you are going to break the rules once, do it consistently; a resume that uses complete sentences in one section and fragments in another can be distracting to the reader. And resume writing typically uses fragments, as it helps get the information across in fewer words.

Remember, you are not writing for yourself. You are writing attention-grabbing copy that will show how you can meet the needs of your audience, such as a potential employer, someone offering an internship, or the admissions personnel for graduate school.

Basic Guidelines What rules can be broken, and which ones should not? One of the primary differences between resume writing and business writing is that the resume falls somewhere between the "hard sell" of advertising and business writing.

Ad copy, for example, frequently uses short, to-the-point wording.

using the wrong word when writing a resume

Very often, this wording does not come out in the form of a complete sentence. Similarly, as noted above, resume writing is comprised of succinct, to-the-point copy in the form of sentence fragments or with wording missing typical elements such as articles.

Words such as "it," "the," "a," and "an" are articles and are frequently omitted to save space, allow for quick reading remember how long a resume reviewer typically spends scanning a resumeand make the point.

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They are a bit pricey but worth it, particularly if you find yourself doing other types of writing as well. Otherwise, there are plenty of good reference guides to choose from.

The home page is found at: The following is a general list of some common errors. It is by no means exhaustive. If you are especially grammatically challenged, ask someone more comfortable in this area to proofread your resume for you.

Do not rely solely on your computer's grammar and spell check or other online tools as your only source. It is also helpful to print a hard copy and review the resume in that form, as it can be easier to catch mistakes.

Reading aloud and backwards from the bottom up can also be helpful methods to trick your brain into seeing what is actually on the page, rather than what you know is supposed to be there. Action Verbs Begin your sentences with action verbs when describing your experience. Then, show the results of those actions, and explain how you accomplished those results.

Bear in mind that action verbs are not the same as keywords. Keywords are nouns or short phrases. Both keywords and action verbs may be combined into the same sentence, such as: Active Versus Passive Voice The active voice shows the subject of the sentence doing the action, as opposed to an action being done upon the subject.

Consider the following example: The bone was eaten by the dog. This is an example of passive voice. Written in the active voice, the sentence reads: Two things are notable. The subject of the sentence, the dog, is doing the action—eating.

Secondly, the resulting sentence is shorter by two words. This equals "tighter" writing, which is what you want to aim for in resume writing. Help your reader see the point quickly and efficiently.professional resume writing and career management strategies offered by professional resume writer Sue Campbell.

Personalized service and outstanding documents aimed at . Cv Word Checker is a site to check the quality of CV, resume or LinkedIn profile words. It highlights the CV action words used and highlights bad words or bad phrases which can harm your CV,resume .

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using the wrong word when writing a resume

May 19,  · You can write your resume to sound like you are talking to a friend or a new business acquaintance, because that is exactly what you are doing when you reach out to a .

So you’ve labored with sweat and tears writing your résumé, and now you’re all set to turn it into a magnificently designed creation. Unfortunately, with the freedom of modern computers and fancy software, comes huge opportunities for abuse.

Resume builders are tools that assemble your work and education history and experience into a well-organized resume.

A good resume builder will create a resume tailored to the job you’re applying for, while highlighting the best aspects of your professional .

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