What i would like my future to be like

Lucero Zavala January 25, at 6: And even tho I only remember bits and pieces of those dream.

What i would like my future to be like

It's a timeless fantasy that's shown up in science fiction and movies for decades, but now, scientists may finally be figuring out how a machine could read your mind. And, for the very first time, mind reading headsets are becoming real.

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You really want to just slowly imagine the cube fading out into that black. Look what I can do to the orange cube, without touching any dials or keyboards, but just thinking, "Disappear.

I can control this thing with my mind. We have to actually train the system. Just by thinking commands, I can make the orange cube on a computer lift; I can start this car; and launch this helicopter. The future is going to be awesome. I am a superpower!

So how does this contraption work? I wouldn't say, necessarily, "mindreading. The headset doesn't actually hear my thoughts, but its 14 electrodes do pick up patterns of electrical activity coming from my brain, my brainwaves. Brain cells communicate with each other by firing off tiny chemical and electrical signals.

And whenever I think something like "disappear," a particular pattern of brainwaves is generated. The headset picks that up. So, as the neurons inside your brain fire up, the signal gets weaker and weaker, as it travels through, and then gets projected onto the surface of the scalp.

So it's very, very faint. So they're not thoughts. It's like the echo of neural activity deep in my brain? Even though it's just an echo, the signal is good enough for the computer to recognize a simple brain pattern, once it learns it, like, "Lift.

What i would like my future to be like

It's reading my mind. Can you imagine, I mean, some future world where everything is hooked up to this?

Experts say algae is the food of the future. Here's why.

I could just make anything happen, just by wishing it. Or at least, that's what I was hoping, until Tan Le tells me this headset can be easily confused; in other words, wrong.

If you were wearing this all day long, I can imagine instances when you might have a brain pattern that's very similar to when you were thinking about disappear, and it may trigger that same action.

You mean, things might happen when I'm not wishing them to? Any mindreader that relies on electrodes on the surface of the scalp is bound to be imperfect, because what it "hears" is a mere echo of my brain cells firing.

But what if we could tap directly into the brain? That's what they're attempting here at Brown University. Cathy Hutchinson is paralyzed from a stroke, but she's controlling a robotic arm, with much more precision than any headset would allow, thanks to sensors that have been implanted directly onto the surface of her brain.

Cathy made headlines when she played a crucial role in a groundbreaking mindreading experiment. She simply thought about reaching out to pick up a cup of coffee, the sensors in her brain picked up electrical impulses, and a computer turned them into commands, controlling the robotic arm.

It's an astonishing breakthrough for brain science, that offers hope for the paralyzed. I went to see John Donoghue, one of the heads of the BrainGate team at Brown, to find out how they turn mind into motion. This is a model right?This is my future- You are very talented and would be perfect as an actress or model.

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What Is My Future Life Going To Be Like?