Writing a good federal resume

The Essential First Steps To gain federal employment, candidates must be aware of two very specific strategies:

Writing a good federal resume

Federal resume tips The Government wants demonstrated experience For federal jobs, experience trumps almost everything. You should have already arrived.

The entire federal job application process is about demonstrating that you are the ideal candidate by showing your experience and success.

Federal HR will not make any assumptions about your resume. Even things that seem very straightforward need to be explicitly spelled out. Every assumption could risk an EEO complaint or even a call from Congress.

This job description contains far more than the basic list of responsibilities and requirements of a private sector job description.

Quality Assurance Specialist job description from Monster. Segal recommends spending at least an hour thoroughly reading through the JVA. You should use the same language that appears on the JVA on your resume to draw those lines even more clearly.

Jobscan helps automate this process to make it go faster, letting you identify the most important keywords and skills. These specifications usually involve citizenship, protected groups, etc. How to Apply Pay close attention to this section. Some jobs will require you to apply through the USAJobs resume builder.

Agency Contact Information Segal advises that if you have further questions, pick up the phone and call the agency. This can tell you more about expectations for the job and also helps you find similar jobs to apply for. Score at least 70 on the Occupational Questionnaire Many federal applications include a very important step called an occupational questionnaire.

While federal resumes are reviewed by humans, the questionnaire is scored by computers. A high score 70 at minimum on the occupational questionnaire is the best way to ensure that a human will see your resume and review it. The occupational questionnaire is a likert scale, starting at A and going to the highest ranking of E.

Levin describes how occupational questionnaire questions are valuable to the job seeker: Take the opportunity to prove your expertise not just by rating yourself E, but by demonstrating how you used the skill to succeed.

Writing a resume to apply for a job in the federal government is extremely different from applying in the private sector. Federal HR may look for some of the same things that a private sector recruiter will, but their perspective is completely different.

Federal resumes are much longer than a standard private sector resume. Even entry-level applicants should furnish resumes of 4 to 6 pages. One way you can find those keywords is by scanning the JVA and your resume with Jobscan. Federal Resume Requirements Federal resumes have strict requirements, and not following these requirements is a great way to get passed over.

While agencies are not required to eliminate candidates who do not follow the rules, they can. The government often requires at least 52 weeks of experience in the skills on the JVA.

writing a good federal resume

Supervisor Name and Contact Information List your immediate supervisor and their contact information for each job you list. Make sure to denote whether your current supervisor can be contacted or not. To avoid putting yourself in an awkward position at your current job, Taylor suggests requiring you be asked before your supervisor is contacted.

If asked, find out if the hiring agency is ready to offer you the job as soon as they contact your current supervisor.

writing a good federal resume

Salary Despite the controversy over disclosing prior pay in the private sector, salary is commonly included on federal resumes. Writing Your Federal Resume There are three good methods for creating your federal resume: For this reason, among others, both Taylor and Segal suggest applying through the USAJobs resume builder instead of creating a resume from scratch.

The application process is much more time consuming than a private sector job application, and JVAs have a strict close time. Federal Resume Format Levin recommends building your own resume, because although federal resume formatting is very conservative, there are a few things you can do to make your resume stand out.

Some JVAs will actually require you to use this. You can use tables and columns in your resume, but be sparing with them. Bullet points are also acceptable, but avoid other special characters.

There is, however, a lot of information to include in the builder, so it does require a good deal of attention to detail.Page updated 4/5/ Federal resumes and KSAs provide selecting officials their first impression of the applicant through their application and federal resume composition, format, and content.

I personally reviewed and rated thousands of federal resumes during my career. Resumes and KSAs that are tailored to the job announcement receive higher ratings. Federal Resume Experts® is America's #1 certified federal resume writing service and provider of federal resumes for USAJOBS® - The Federal Government's Official Jobs Site Ranked Best USAJOBS® Federal Resumes and USAJOBS Resume Builder Format by Federal HR Specialists and Federal hiring managers #1 Federal Resume Writing Service Provider of Military Federal Resumes, Veteran Federal .

Whether your goal is to land a federal job, work for a defense contractor, or obtain a corporate position, the resume you hand to potential employers needs to reflect your military knowledge and experience in language the civilian world understands and appreciates.

Federal Resume Guide Page 4 Writing a Winning Resume Knowing how to write a winning resume is a valuable skill to have in today’s job market. Federal Human Resources Office (J1/Manpower & Personnel) The Federal Human Resources Office (J1/Manpower & Personnel Directorate) provides personnel support services for the Air National Guard and the Army National Guard.

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue.

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