Writing a nonfiction book pitch example

While that proposal will address a number of factors -- the content of the book, its competition, your credentials, and so forth -- its primary purpose is to answer one "master" question: What makes your book marketable? Publishers are in the business of making money.

Writing a nonfiction book pitch example

Why Your Author Bio Is So Important

The representative titles are important and should not be missed. The best way to decide on these is to think what readers of your book may also read.

It may also be advisable to include statistics of potential markets where possible. If you have access to specialist figures then these certainly should be included.

Do include the key characters, the problem they face and the point of conflict.

writing a nonfiction book pitch example

But do not expand this to a full blown synopsis. Short and sweet is the key. Paragraph 4 This is about you as a writer. In the modern world of internet driven marketing the writer is increasingly becoming an important part of the process.

Include a brief biography, containing any relevant information such as previously published titles. I would also suggest you add information regarding your web presence. I absolutely want to know about you.

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I love pithy bios because it tells me a bit about the person behind the words. Behler Publications The key to remember is that the query letter is just a taste of your book. Before we move on it is important to mention that the following information MUST be included in the query letter: Beyond one page It is a common myth that book proposals should be one page query letter and one page synopsis.

It can be okay to write an extended query letter in some circumstances. Marketing ideas If you have a strong web presence, or if you have a solid vision for the marketing and promotion of your book then this can be included.

This is also where you should include any unique media contacts you may possess. A book series Another situation that may lead to an expanded book proposal is if you are pitching for a series of books. In this case it may be appropriate for you to include a one page synopsis for each title, plus an expanded description of your series in the query letter.

This is especially true for non-fiction works that are more likely to NOT be written at point of proposal. Share your thoughts Does this article match your expectations of what it takes to get a book deal?Writing Movies for Fun and Profit: How We Made a Billion Dollars at the Box Office and You Can, Too!

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How to Write an Author Bio When You’ve Never Been Published If you’re writing a nonfiction book proposal (like I am), then your author bio has to highlight your non-writing experience on the topic. Jun 14,  · If you are writing a query letter to pitch your novel, memoir, or nonfiction book to a literary agent, including certain positive statistics will demonstrate what a fantastic investment you are.

Writer’s Relief reveals the numbers you might want to include in your query letter.

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Emphases. Students cover novel writing, nonfiction book writing and screenwriting in the core curriculum. Additional coursework in one or more of these three areas enables them to develop their knowledge and skills in line with their interests. Writing a book is an excellent way to clarify your ideas or message if you are an expert in your field.

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It is also a great way to tell a big story, if you have strong material. If your subject is one that will have staying power and it is something you feel strongly about, you are definitely on the right track. For example, “Feature pitch for Volleyball magazine.” The caveat here is that I probably rceive fewer pitches than editors at larger magazines you may be interested in writing for, so I am unlikely to pass over simply titled email.

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